BV005, released 2011.

Ellesquire is a rapper whose lyrics come across with an honesty and charm that is rarely heard within the Australian hip hop scene. ‘Ready’ combines his smooth, flowing delivery and storytelling style with sample-heavy, lo-fi beats from prolific local producer P.Major. The sound pays tribute to 90s hip hop, while keeping a fresh feel by experimenting with atypical rhythms and melodies.

The album’s lead single and title track ‘Ready’ has helped Ellesquire generate a buzz as one of the most interesting artists to emerge on the Australian hip-hop scene in 2011.

Ellesquire first joined the Big Village family with his group Loose Change (Ellesquire, Rapaport & P Major) who dropped their debut album in 2010 through Big Village records, the album generated a strong level of hype and resulted in the crew sharing the stage with groups such as Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious), Urthboy, Horrorshow, Ozi Batla and Thundamentals.

Ellesquire has been honing his craft for over ten years, and it shows. His first few years of making music were spent recording in his bedroom with no intentions of showing anybody and while his audience has grown since, his writing still maintains its deeply personal quality that tends to draw listeners in and get a true understanding of his personality, wit and charm.

At 17-tracks long ‘Ready’ is a fair offering of crunchy beats from P.Major who is also well-known on the Sydney jazz scene and soulful vocals from Ellesquire who explores topics from working life and love to a cheeky look at his (not always successful) attempts to pick-up women. His talent doesn’t just stop at rapping though, the album see’s Ellesquire effortlessly singing hooks with a strong sense of melody and soulful tone.


1. Intro
2. Finally
3. Write
4. Dragon's Mouth
5. That Night
6. What's With All The Questions? (Feat. P. Smurf)
7. On The Prowl
8. Intermission
9. Chasing The Pay
10. Ferociousness (Feat. Tenth Dan)
11. Diggin'
12. Interlude (Get Ready)
13. Ready
14. What LS Stands For
15. Let's Do It (Feat. Rapaport)
16. Outro (Thank You Very Much)
17. In The House